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Traduction de slim down


    Black people dyin', they want equal rights White people wanna get hair cuts Haha Some people protest, some people riot What?

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    But we ain't never escapin' this virus Nah To the cops that are racially bias What? We no longer enable these lies You get 'em on tape, they stick to a story, like Spider-Man crawin' up side of a wall and Someone just sung [?

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    What rhymes with Pariah? Oh shit You just bit into the [? It's more fun to stay Ah You get me to leave, it's no fuckin' way I got a better chance of fuckin' Young M. Ooh Ooh, sounds like I'm zoning So me sayin' I'm out, nice to know me It's like askin' me where my shin is It's down right below me Haha Uh, oh, well we can play hide the salami Yeah If your gal would like to blow me Yeah My wave is like a tsunami Yeah These flows are still tryna rap your head around like you're a swami Ha Just call me the Mike Kamikaze with Mike Zombie and I'ma just keep bombing Woo Cause the game is mine, like an IEB Yeah If they ever do cancel me like Live PD I said I'm takin' somethin' with me if I'm leaving Brr It's time to murder you now, sike, leave me I might knee deep to the fuckin' ice, Z, Z Rappin' circle around these ho's Just like gurgles and traduction de slim down word from my mouth so fire I should be burnt to the ground There's a fuckin' circus in town, yeah bitch, this verse finna clown ICP R.

    Kelly sex tape, I see pee Woah My shit is intense, like tipis You gettin' wiped, like traduction de slim down You can bite my little white wee-wee And I repeat, you can bite my little white wee-wee long as I like [?

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