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Ian beale fogyás

ian beale fogyás

This leads to Sharon wanting to go on the pill, which shocks Angie. Her teenage romance with Ian Beale Adam Woodyatt in ends when Sharon realises she prefers a more experienced man, Simon Wicks Nick Berrywho ends the relationship when she refuses to have sex although she eventually loses her virginity to him when she is Inshe seeks refuge from her turbulent home life with church curate, Duncan Boyd David Gillespie.

They plan to marry but Duncan bores Sharon and she ends the engagement. Sharon is torn between her conflicting parents until their marriage deteriorates and, inAngie emigrates. When Den gets involved in gangland crime, ian beale fogyás is shot and assumed dead. Soon after, Sharon discovers Den's signet ring on a market stall. With Den's body missing, Sharon convinces the police to drag a nearby canal in April and is devastated when a body is ian beale fogyás and identified as Den's.

Sharon resumes a relationship with Simon, whom she hopes to settle down with, but the relationship ends when Simon's affair with Cindy Beale Michelle Collins is revealed. They meet several times until Carol confesses she has no maternal feelings for Sharon. Sharon remains at The Queen Vic, working as a barmaid. She starts dating Grant Mitchell Ross Kemp in Although Sharon is perturbed by this, she discovers that Grant's violent behaviour results from traumatic experiences as a paratrooper in the Falklands War nearly a decade earlier, and agrees to marry him in Eddie does not approve of their relationship and fires Sharon so she takes him to an industrial tribunal for unfair dismissal.

Sharon Watts

She wins but Eddie refuses to reinstate her. Sharon tells Grant she ian beale fogyás only marry him if he gets her tenancy back at The Queen Vic. Grant makes this happen and Sharon becomes the new licensee after Eddie is murdered by Nick Cotton in September That Boxing Day, Grant springs a surprise wedding on Sharon.

ian beale fogyás

Although she is initially unimpressed with his romantic gesture, Sharon marries Grant following persuasion from Michelle. Sharon and Grant's marriage is tempestuous and rows occasionally end in violence. While Grant wants to start a family, Sharon prefers to concentrate ian beale fogyás href="http://vakantiehuizen.hu/henry-ford-fogys-28424.php">Henry Ford fogyás making The Queen Vic a successful business. When Grant discovers she is taking the contraceptive pill, he smashes up the pub and disappears, leaving Sharon to be comforted by his brother, Phil Steve McFadden.

Wondering if she has married the wrong brother, Sharon has sex with Phil in September but chooses to stay with Grant. However, the Mitchells' marriage deteriorates further when Grant torches The Queen Vic in an insurance scam, almost killing Sharon and her dog Roly who are trapped inside.

An acrimonious split ensues with Grant hitting Sharon during a power struggle over management of the pub. Michelle calls the police during one of Grant's outbursts and he is imprisoned for assaulting them. While he ian beale fogyás in prison, Sharon and Phil reunite and live together as a couple. Neither wants to tell Grant and when he is released, Sharon takes him back, leaving Phil dejected. Phil gets engaged to Kathy Beale Gillian Taylforth.

Realising she still has feelings for Phil, Sharon tries to seduce him. Phil kisses her in a moment of passion that he immediately regrets, so Sharon convinces herself she is happy with Grant and considers having children with him.

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Michelle ian beale fogyás a recorded interview but then forgets to turn off the recorder at the end and discusses Sharon's affair with Phil.

Grant finds the tape and, on the night of Phil and Kathy's engagement party in Octoberhe plays it to a packed pub. He then attacks Phil and bullies and humiliates Sharon into agreeing to a divorce. She goes to stay with Angie in America but returns in March to hostility from the Mitchells.

She is unperturbed and wins back the respect of Grant who realizes that he still loves her.

EastEnders / Négy esküvő és egy verekedés

Wanting revenge for her mistreatment, she leads Grant on while telling Michelle that she plans to humiliate him publicly. They have sex and Sharon lets Grant think a public marriage proposal will seal their reunion. Grant attempts this on the Vic's quiz night; Sharon is all set to turn him down but suddenly cannot go through with it and stops him from proposing.

She ian beale fogyás that she still loves him, then returns to America alone. Sharon's boyfriend, Ross Fletcher Ché Walkerjoins her claiming that he has left his wife but Sharon discovers he is lying and ends the relationship and rekindles her romance with Phil. Peggy, however, tries to break them up and fails but Sharon's bombshell that she is infertile ian beale fogyás an abortion clearly upsets Phil.

Knowing Phil wouldn't be happy without children of his own, Sharon ends the relationship and returns to the States to be with her mother. After Angie dies, Sharon returns to Ian beale fogyás in April to bury her mother. Angie's death from liver cirrhosis affects Sharon badly and she refuses to reconcile with Phil again, dating an old school friend, Tom Banks Colm Ó Maonlaí fogyókúrás történetek victozával. The relationship survives Tom's unstable wife, Sadie Isobel Middleton who is sectioned after holding Ian beale fogyás hostage and threatening suicide unless Tom takes her back.

When Tom is diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour, Sharon stands by him and they plan to travel after getting married. On ian beale fogyás night of their engagement party, however, Tom discovers a fire at the house of fellow neighbours Little Mo Morgan Kacey Ainsworth and her abusive husband Trevor Alex Ferns ; after helping Little Mo escape the fire with Trevor's son, Tom attempts to rescue Trevor - but the pair are killed when the fire explodes.

A devastated Sharon reels over Tom's death and later organizes his funeral. She and Sharon soon discover that they have a brother - Dennis Rickman Nigel Harman - who was the product of one of Den's affairs 30 years earlier.

They discover that Dennis and his mother were still living locally in the home of his late grandparents, but Paula has just died and Dennis was serving a prison sentence for GBH.

Dennis has links to the same criminal organisation as Den and in July he discovers that Den is alive, two months later he tells Sharon of this revelation but she refuses to believe him. Dennis and Sharon fall in love, but their romance is halted by Den's return at the end of September.

He had survived the shooting infleeing to Spain and starting a legjobb cukorka fogyni new life there. After years of feeling guilty about disowning Den before his "death", Fogyókúrás tábor felnőtteknek ontario is thrilled to see him but furious about the unnecessary hurt he caused - although he informs her that he had to disappear and fake his own death in order to protect his family as well as himself.

Den resumes the position as head of the Watts clan and is disgusted to discover Sharon and Dennis's romantic relationship and blackmails Dennis into ending it.

EastEnders - Ian Beale Is Brutally Attacked And Left For Dead, Who Done It?

Dennis begrudgingly dates Zoe Slater Michelle Ryanbut just before Christmashe secretly reunites with Sharon.

The couple plan to move to America on Christmas Day but Zoe announces she is pregnant, a ruse Den concocts to split up Sharon and Dennis. Sharon refuses to let Dennis abandon his child and leaves Walford, returning briefly in February when summoned by Den's new wife, Chrissie Tracy Ann Obermanwith the news that Den is ill. Chrissie, Zoe, and Sam Mitchell Kim Medcalf confront Den about various deceitful deeds, including Zoe's fake pregnancy and his affairs.

Disgusted, Sharon leaves, disowning Den. In a rage, Den attacks Chrissie and she hits him over the head repeatedly with a cast-iron ian beale fogyás, killing him. Dennis reunites with Sharon in America and in June they return to confront Den, but Chrissie claims he has left with another woman - which surprises them, especially as his departure had come so soon after realising his dream of buying back the pub. Sharon and Dennis marry on 29 August ; during their reception, however, Sam is arrested for digging up Den's body to incriminate Chrissie; however, Sam is charged with Den's murder.

Her brothers, Phil and Grant, return weeks later to convince Sharon of Chrissie's guilt. Sharon and Grant resolve their past grievances, as do Dennis and Phil, and the ian beale fogyás work together with Peggy to bring Chrissie to justice.

Eventually, Phil and Grant manage to extract a tape of Chrissie confessing to Den's murder - thus proving her guilty ian beale fogyás the police.

While Sam would later be released from prison, Sharon personally confronts Chrissie just as she attempts to flee the country and punches her to avenge her father's death; Chrissie is then arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment.

ian beale fogyás

However, the Mitchell's victory is cut short when Sam is forced to flee the country after discovering that she will likely be detained for perverting the course of justice in Den's murder. On Christmas DaySharon is stunned to discover she is pregnant.

Sharon Watts - Wikipedia

She and Dennis celebrate the potential of having a child. However, their happiness is threatened when Dennis' resolved issues with Phil leads him to become embroiled into a conflict against his enemy and the square's crime kingpin: Johnny Allen Billy Murray. Ian beale fogyás Sharon starts to intervene in Johnny's personal affairs in an attempt to warn him to stay away from Dennis, he throttles her and proceeds to give Sharon an ultimatum; he will kill Dennis unless they leave Walford by midnight on New Year's Eve.

Sharon persuades Dennis to leave after confiding in Phil about Johnny's threat. Phil, seeking to get one over Johnny before the end oflater informs Dennis about the threat after telling him that Johnny killed his best-friend Andy Hunter Michael Higgs. At first Dennis refuses to submit to Phil's temptation ian beale fogyás confronting Johnny about Andy's murder, but relents after Phil describes the way how Johnny threatened Sharon earlier on.

Dennis ends up attacking Johnny to avenge both Andy and Sharon, leaving him battered as Phil had hoped. At the stroke of New Year's Day, Sharon and Dennis spot each other and they start to reunite until Dennis has a run-in with a person - and ends up getting stabbed; Dennis stumbles upon Sharon's arms and dies, though not before telling her "We did it! Heartbroken and devastated over her husband's death, Sharon refuses to speak after requesting Phil to avenge Dennis' murder.

Later on at Dennis' funeral, Sharon attacks Johnny when he turns up at the funeral - prompting Phil to take her home. During her absence, Phil keeps his promise for Sharon and persuades Grant to help them get justice for Sharon.

They confront Johnny and learn that he ordered his henchman Danny Moon Jake Maskall to kill Dennis; the two are nearly killed after Johnny captures the brothers and orders Danny to execute them, but Phil and Grant are saved when Danny is accidentally shot dead by his brother Jake Joel Beckett - who merely attempted to wound Danny and not kill him in order to stop him.

Shortly after Danny's death, Johnny is arrested for the murders of both Andy and Dennis after his daughter Ruby Allen Louisa Lytton forces him to turn himself in - threatening to disown hogyan lehet 2 nap alatt leadni a fontokat father otherwise; Johnny ends up getting sentenced to life imprisonment, and later dies of a heart attack in October Furious, John suggests that he saved Sharon from destitution and kidnaps Dennis but Phil rescues him.

Sharon and Jack's romance is complicated by Phil, ian beale fogyás is determined to ian beale fogyás href="http://vakantiehuizen.hu/2-zsrveszts-661667.php">2 zsírvesztés a relationship with Sharon. A feud between Jack and Phil ensues, with both proposing to Sharon.

She accepts Jack's proposal but, realising he still loves his former wife Ronnie Mitchell Samantha WomackJack cancels the wedding. Phil then persuades Sharon to gyors fogyás chili in with ian beale fogyás but she struggles to cope with Jack's rejection and resumes dependency on painkillers, an addiction that developed to manage her grief following Dennis' murder.

When Sharon passes out unconscious while looking after Phil's granddaughter Lexi Ian beale fogyás throws her out.

EastEnders / Négy esküvő és egy verekedés

The upheaval affects Dennis; he starts misbehaving and clashes at school with teaching assistant Whitney Dean Shona McGarty. Dennis lies when he falls and grazes his arm, telling Sharon that Whitney has assaulted him. Blind to Dennis 's misbehaviour, Sharon reports Whitney to the school board requesting her dismissal but is forced to contemplate the truth when Whitney is exonerated. In DecemberSharon reunites with Phil and moves back in with him.

Sharon's trust in Phil is tested when he confesses his part in Dennis' fatal altercation with Johnny inbut she nevertheless remains with him and together they buy a new bar: The Albert. Phil grows resentful of Sharon's preoccupation with The Albert.

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To re-assert his authority and demonstrate Sharon's vulnerability, Phil hires two men to vandalise the bar, but his plan goes awry when Sharon dismisses the bouncers Phil employs to intercept the vandalising. Sharon confronts the vandals alone and they critically injure her; she is hospitalised with a ruptured spleen. When Shirley confesses she still loves Phil, he spurns her advances and instead proposes marriage to Sharon after she regains consciousness, which she accepts.

Upon release from the hospital, Sharon fears being attacked again. She steals Ronnie's gun for protection but is horrified when Dennis almost finds it. While attempting to dispose of the gun, she overhears Shirley reprimanding Phil for arranging the attack on her. She later recants when she sees Phil's caring side but, unbeknownst to her, Phil has already discovered her deception.

He confides in Shirley who convinces him Sharon hates több bélmozgás fogyás and they begin an affair. Phil vows to humiliate Sharon ian beale fogyás dumping her at their wedding so he can be with Shirley.

On the wedding day, lány hogyan lehet fogyni, Phil cannot go through with this and after he and Sharon confront each other about their ian beale fogyás deceptions, they agree to marry.

Enraged at Phil's rejection and unable to stop the marriage going ahead, Shirley declares at the post-wedding dinner that she and Phil had sex. Distraught and humiliated, Sharon attempts to flee but Phil persuades her that he loves her.

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He suggests that sleeping with Shirley sickens him and, when Sharon forces him to say this to Shirley's face, Shirley threatens to shoot him with Sharon's gun. Phil dismisses her threats but, in a tussle between the women, Shirley fires the gun and Phil is shot.

ian beale fogyás

Sharon is distraught at nearly losing Phil and when he regains consciousness, he persuades her to put her anger aside and give their marriage a try. When Sharon receives a letter from her birth mother, Carol, inshe is ambivalent ian beale fogyás resuming contact.


She eventually decides to reconnect but discovers her mother has recently died. She meets her half brother Kristopher Jonathan Broadbent who gives her old letters from her birth father, Gavin, revealing his interest in meeting Sharon.

Sharon attempts to trace Gavin and visits Den's former solicitor, Margaret Midhurst Jan Harveywho reveals that Den specifically requested to adopt Sharon szoptatás és fogyás 3 hónap he knew her father.

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When Dennis slaps Sharon across the face during an argument, her long-time friend Ian Beale Adam Woodyatt confronts Sharon about her parenting skills and, following a row with Ian, she finally realises that she needs to control his bad behaviour.

Sharon is angry but Phil pacifies her by revealing he has traced her father, now going by the name of Gordon Cook Stephen Marcus.

Gordon is a dishevelled man living in a run-down house. Phil persuades Sharon not to pursue meeting Gordon, but she changes her mind and visits him. When Gordon is unwelcoming and cannot answer Sharon's questions, ian beale fogyás emerges that Phil has paid Gordon to pretend to be Sharon's father.

Sharon offers Gordon more money to double-bluff Phil and brings him ian beale fogyás to Walford. She eventually manipulates Phil into admitting the truth. Sharon insists that Vincent return half of the business back to her, otherwise she will take him to court, so they become business partners. To pacify Sharon, Phil gives her another address for her father. She sees from his house that he must be wealthy, and realises that the two already lead separate lives; she gives up the search.

Sharon suspects Phil of having an affair with "K" who, unbeknownst to her and Ian, is Kathy.

Ian beale fogyás, Ez történt, amíg mindenki aludt: ők nyerték idén az Oscart

Sharon soon comes face to face with Kathy; the resulting row culminates in Sharon's face being pressed against a car by Kathy. She reveals to Sharon that Phil has known that Kathy has been alive for several years, so Sharon leaves Phil and moves into Ian's house.

ian beale fogyás

Phil goes missing and it ian beale fogyás later revealed that Gavin Sullivan Paul NicholasKathy's controlling husband, has taken him hostage. Phil later returns and collapses, and Sharon takes him back. Concerned for her husband, Sharon remains hostile towards Kathy although Ian attempts to keep the peace between them. This behaviour persists until Halloween night when Sharon arrives home to find Gavin threatening to kill both Kathy and Ben Mitchell Harry Reid ; he greets her with the immortal words "Hello, Princess"—Den's catchphrase, revealing that he is her biological father.

She is disgusted when she discovers that Ian beale fogyás handed Sharon to Den as a business trade. When the police arrive, Sharon has allowed him to escape.

Sharon discovers that Phil has been drinking again, which, after trying to take alcohol from him, leads to Sharon's ear being cut.

Bobby and Dennis's feud leads to Dennis going missing; when Ian and Phil find him, a drunk and distracted Phil crashes the car, leaving Dennis severely injured.

Ian takes the blame for the crash in exchange for Phil convincing Sharon not to go to the police; Sharon ends her friendship with Ian. Gavin visits and supports Sharon in the hospital, and offers her a chance to live with him in Hong Kong when Dennis recovers, but Sharon declines, promising to still keep in touch.